Friday, March 28, 2008

Friendly fire

The news, reported in John Drinnan’s media column in
the Business Herald, that APN News & Media is
launching a giveaway monthly publication aimed at aging
baby-boomers merely confirms what this former APN
employee has suspected for a long time, namely, that
APN has very little interest in putting resources into the
Listener, which it also owns. The Listener’s natural
territory is aging baby-boomers but rather than invest in
building it up, APN chooses to start what in effect will be
a rival publication sure to eat into the Listener’s main
demographic. On all the evidence so far, APN has never
had any clear idea about what it should do with the
Listener, least of all promote it and resource it properly,
so is letting it quietly wither away. Which is a bitter shame,
considering what the magazine has been and still could be.

1 comment:

artandmylife said...

That would explain a lot and would be VERY sad. I am a Listener subscriber and not an aging baby boomer by any stretch.