Monday, July 21, 2008

Sheet happens

Many household chores are deeply satisfying but folding
a fitted sheet in order to put it away is not one of them.
Ideally, a linen drawer or cupboard will contain neat piles
of sheets and pillowslips, all folded into squares or—if
needs must—rectangles. But a fitted sheet, being edged
with elastic, does not lend itself to this kind of order.
There is simply no way in the world that one can fold it
into a neat square, or indeed into anything other than a
crumpled mess. I don't like to think of the distress this
must cause in many a well-run home. Yes, I know there
are schools of thought about holding the sheet by the
corner seams and folding it that way but in my experience
such endeavours invariably end in ruin and rage—even
when teams of two make the attempt. The world awaits
the inventor who can crack this one. Fitted sheets are fine
on the bed but an aesthetic offence in the cupboard.


Truth Seeker said...

My other half pretends to fold these. I just flatten them onto a shelf with the other fitted sheets. I dare anyone to tell the difference.

Anonymous said...

A crucial question for our times. There is a lot of advice about this on the web if you Google "how to fold a fitted sheet". The trick is to put both hands into the top two corners, then place one inside the other, then do the same at the other end, then fold up the long rectangle. There is even a video, which comes up as one of the first items.

Anonymous said...

Another question is, how do Muslim women fold their burqas neatly - or do their husbands do this for them?

Anonymous said...

Martha always knows best:

Deborah said...

Umm... I can do it. Clever seam matching and a bit of origami-like folding, coupled with looping it over my shoulder at one stage of the process. Which makes it a challenge for my mother, who is 15cm shorter than me.

homepaddock said...

Roll it up, stuff it in the cupbourd, shut the door and then enjoy the time you haven't wasted worrying about folding sheets :)