Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh grow up

In a recent blog I discussed the views of the Russia-based
New Zealand financier Stephen Jennings on MMP. I’ve
now had the chance to read the full text of Jennings’s ‘Sir
Ronald Trotter Lecture’ earlier this month: it reveals a
man well read in economic history and theory but with a
tragically limited view of the planet that provides him with
the air he breathes and the means by which he makes his
millions. In the course of a long speech chiefly devoted to
the glories of economic growth, or viral growth as he likes
to call it, Jennings makes not a single reference to the
ecology of Earth; growth, to him, is something that can go
on happening indefinitely for those seeking to profit by it.
There is not a flicker of recognition that the way in which
‘economic growth’ is measured is corrupt and false; an
idol that the world worships, it has about as much meaning
as a golden calf or a weeping statute of the Madonna.
Magnates and millionaires such as Jennings are like
infants with counting frames who think their playpen is the
whole world. Well, they have every right to be what they
want to be and to see the world the way they want to see it;
but let none of the rest us be deluded by their fame,
crunched by their numbers or misled by their myopia. If
Jennings must grow, then let him grow up.

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Truth Seeker said...

I hear your frustration. But the Jennings of the world can fund think tanks, buy media and hire PR staff to mount emotive campaigns to mislead the broadly ignorant (and therefore vulnerable) into doing exactly the wrong thing.

I offer you the 2008 election in NZ as evidence.

The only answer appears to be to become as rich as they are. One either has to do that, or one must find a way to motivate the broad mass of humanity to learn and think with clarity and integrity...and assert their inherent power as citizens for the good of the Earth we all share.

It's a worthy goal, but it'd probably easier to become a billionaire.