Friday, August 14, 2009

Now with added feral

Further to the foolish ferality of Federated Farmers in
the matter of carbon emissions, Gareth draws my
to a speech by the organization's president,
Don Nicholson, which only confirms, if more proof
were needed, the man's astonishing gift for dinosaur
impressions. A career on the stage beckons should Don
ever tire of pulling his gumboots on every morning and
taking them off again every night, though it is of course
entirely possible that he wears them to bed as well. Like
John Key, Nicholson too has a crack at Keisha Castle-
Hughes, who really seems to have got up these guys'
noses by daring to join those calling for a more
ambitious and inspiring reduction in emissions than
they in their wisdom deem necessary. He also accuses
Greenpeace and the Green Party of 'moral brainwashing'
and creating a 'climate of fear.' I seem to recall that
Winston Churchill was accused of the same thing in the
1930s when he tried to warn people about the meaning
of Germany's rearmament. So it's peace in our time,
is it, Don, and damn the emissions? New Zealand's
farmers deserve better leadership than this.

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