Friday, October 30, 2009

Stores are the new banks

Next Wednesday, according to a large ad in the newspaper,
'BNZ stores will be closed for the day' so that staff can work
on 'community projects.' Most commendable. But what's
with the 'stores'? Further down the ad, we're told that
certain services won't be available in store' that day—you
know, services like opening accounts and depositing and
withdrawing money. If you want more info, the ad
concludes, 'visit our website or pop into your local store.'
Wow. Guess I must have missed the moment when BNZ
told the world that banks were now stores, as it seems to be
taken as read in this ad. Don't want to be picky, but what
exactly was the problem with calling a bank a bank?

1 comment:

Truth Seeker said...

It was greedy banks who contributed mightily to the financial of course they aren't banks anymore.

They are now stores...and we all like stores, don't we?