Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blog days

A year is a machine for making time in. It has cogs and
wheels that go round in a quotidian grind, and levers
that, pressed, produce weekends, public holidays.
Ka-chunka ka-chunka. It is entirely programmed by
man, of course, though loosely based on a heavenly
model. Now the machine has completed its cycle again;
tomorrow we enter a new production phase. Signing off
my timesheet for the one just ending, may I thank all
those who have read and/or commented on this blog,
wish all and sundry (and rainwet) a new year fit to fight
for, and commend to you—amid news of suicide
bombings, wars, military escalation, terrorism and
international tension, not to mention the grim tidings
of global warming—the words of James Lovelock, who,
asked at the beginning of the year what big stories or
planetary developments he expected to see dominating
the media in 2009, replied: ‘Rarely mentioned is the
amazing persistence of the decency and good behaviour
of almost everyone everywhere.’