Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Buzzards too

Further to my comments on Radio New Zealand, about
which I also spoke this morning on Nine to Noon, I might
add that if the vulture’s eye belongs to the current
government, then surrounding the vulture is a bunch of
buzzards collectively known as private radio, the two major
networks of which would love to feast on RNZ’s carcass.
Many times over the years they have complained about
’s public funding, which in their view gives the state
broadcaster an unfair advantage in the marketplace. The
day they do a tenth of the things RNZ is required to do by its
charter (and does well) is the day they might have the bare
beginnings of a genuine case for complaint. I agree with the
New Zealand Herald, which in its editorial today wonders
why RNZ (whose annual government funding is $34 million,
in other words, peanuts) is having the big stick waved at it
when the ‘potential savings are trifling.’ One has to suspect
another agenda than just cost-saving in tight economic
times. Let us not forget that one of the most powerful
cabinet ministers, Steven Joyce, whose No 14 ranking belies
his influence, is a former chief executive of RadioWorks,
one of the country’s two main private radio networks.

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