Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Unfortunately, although the Government may have backed
away (a little) from some of the more egregious options for
mining in our national parks, it now seems possible that
they are looking at mining on Radio New Zealand land.
This would be a tragedy both from an environmental and a
broadcasting point of view. As is well known, Radio New
Zealand offers some of the most stunning scenery in the
country. The views from the tops of Mt Robinson and Mt
Plunket can be spectacular, in the right light. Native birds
are heard at regular intervals. Hourly, actually. On a clear
day you can see from nine to noon. And there are not only
mountains but hills too. Kim Hill, for instance. Plus
ancient landforms like Hewitt Humphrey, rugged and
weatherbeaten but still standing. These are national
treasures that require propping up, not undermining;
subsidy, not subsidence. Whatever mineral wealth lies
below Radio New Zealand—according to one stocktake,
there are rich seams of tannin under the cafeteria—it’s
not worth trashing a taonga for the sake of it. We here at
Thumbcorp say: No mining on Radio New Zealand land!

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