Friday, July 16, 2010

Suck it up

Soft pop on the radio and singing along while doing the
vacuuming: it doesn’t get much better than this. Then I
saw her face… It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday… Pretty
flamingo... You know that’s all you ever were… Even
(ulp) Good morning starshine… Of all the films I ever
saw in my life there’s only been one, just one, in which
a character sings along to the radio while doing the
vacuuming. That was Dennis Hopper in The American
Friend. I felt a jolt of recognition: yes! Let us have
more of this fundamentally human and intolerably
joyful behaviour depicted across all media platforms.
Altogether now: Glibby glubby glooby, nibby, nabby
nooby, la la la lo lo… Tooby ooby wa-la... (feel free to
extemporize from this point on; and don't forget the
windowsills and ledges).

2 comments: said...

What about Freddy Mercury in drag vacuuming and singing "I want to break free"... you don't remember?

Denis Welch said...

Holy hell: of course. Thank you. Not quite the same thing as a movie but very much in the zone of what I'm talking about. Yes. We need more social awareness of vacuuming; it needs to be told in story and song, as fabled an adventure as the Vikings setting out from the coast of Norway.