Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rate moments in history

All day the battle had raged; Napoleon’s troops had surged
again and again, forcing the Duke’s men back to a barely
defensible ridge. The field below lay littered with the
bodies of the slain. It seemed that, come the morrow, the
Bonapartists must triumph when they renewed their
terrible onslaught. But with nightfall there came a lull, and
the Duke, withdrawing to his tent, brooded on what
possible manoeuvres he could devise to withstand the foe.
Then came a messenger, who had ridden like the devil
from the capital far behind. The note was pressed into the
Duke’s bloodied hand. He took it. He read it. It said: ‘The
Reserve Bank Governor has decided to keep the official
cash rate on hold.’ A glimmer of hope dawned in that
famous face. 'Tell the men,' he said softly to an aide, 'tell
the men that we will fight and fight again.' In that instant—
as history has since recorded—the battle was won.


Anonymous said...

Ah but who lost the war?

Claire said...

Dear Mr Welch — or Dear Mr O’Thumb, as I like to call you —

Are we never again to have the privilege of reading your lyrical witticisms, your triumphant tirades, at this address?

All of which is to say: I miss you.

Yours sincerely,

A Reader