Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tarnished gold

Now that the Olympics are over, and New Zealand has won all the medals it's going to win, it's time to face some hard truths about the performance of our athletes. No amount of anthem-singing and flag-waving can hide the grim truth that four of our five gold medals were won by people sitting down, and the other one by two women virtually lying down half the time. Gone, the glory days of Kiwis winning gold by running, throwing or at least remaining upright. Do we need further confirmation that this country has slipped into slothful couch-potato ways? No wonder obesity is soaring. The NZ Olympic Committee has work to do if we are to stand tall–actually, to stand at all—at the next Olympics.


Nikora Irimana said...

considering that situation, its a wonder we got any! Its just so that we have water sports otherwise, yip pretty much wouldnt have any as the larger populated countries have better systems and more people to compete with.

Anonymous said...

Presumably in order to walk your talk, so to speak, you wrote this piece standing up.

Denis Welch said...

Mercifully, blogging is not yet an Olympic sport, so I'm exempt from adopting any particular physical posture; though having just heard someone float the idea of computer gaming as an Olympic sport I guess anything's possible. Synchronized blogging, anyone?