Monday, September 15, 2008

Into kilter

I’ve long admired the work done by Jon Morgan, who writes
about agricultural issues for the Dominion Post—and two
days ago he produced yet another useful, informative piece,
this time about the soaring cost of fertilizer. He chose his
opening words carelessly, however, when he wrote:

The seemingly limitless needs of India and China
are throwing the world economy out of kilter.
The most damaging effect is on world food supply.

Hallo? Sorry to be picky, Jon, but the efforts of the Chinese
and Indian peoples to raise their incomes and living
standards to somewhere even remotely near ours is
damaging? Throwing the world out of kilter? Enough
already with the Eurocentrism. In the big picture, things are
more likely being put into kilter. The world wasn’t made
just for us in the “West.”

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