Thursday, August 11, 2011

So young

There's a group called Youth for Act? Holy Christ. Who are these people? Where did their parents go so wrong? What can be done to save them? We need rescue missions, fund-raising campaigns, ways of offering them a better life. There may yet be hope for these unfortunate youths. It breaks my heart to think that they may be growing up regarding Don Brash as an object of veneration. Is there anything at all that we can do to help?


Anonymous said...

Yes, first thing you can do is to thank them and other youth for taking on the massive burden of foreign debt that your generation and others before you have created through decades of living beyond your collective means, for years of government spending that has far exceeded national incomes. The youth of today will be paying it all back long after you're dead and buried.

Mike said...

Would you rather they worshipped you?