Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm with him

So Joaquin Phoenix is being mocked for a ‘shambolic’
appearance on David Letterman’s show; the media are
already calling him a ‘celebrity train-wreck’ and treating
him as some sort of bizarre eccentric because he seemed
profoundly disinterested in Letterman’s questions, gave
monosyllabic answers and—quelle horreur!—stuck gum
to the host’s desk. Phoenix has apparently given up the
movies for a career in hip-hop, hence the beard and dark
glasses he currently affects. My sympathies are entirely
with him. In fact, I suspect he knows exactly what he’s
doing. Film stars are expected to spend their lives
behaving like tame poodles for TV shows and magazines,
saying the same things over and over again for the sake
of people who really don't give a fuck about them; it's
great to see someone not giving a fuck in return. Go, Jo.


Mary McCallum said...

Me too

coffeerama said...

judging by Joaquin's appearance on the Letterman show, he might be going through an identity crisis