Wednesday, February 4, 2009


There is still the impression, blogs Colin Espiner, that
Australia is taking the economic crisis a little more
seriously than we are. Actually, Colin, the entire rest
of the world is taking it more seriously than we are.
But that's what you get, I guess, when you put a
money-changer in charge of the temple. There's
already ample evidence that John Key and colleagues,
with the possible exception of Bill English and Nick
Smith, don't actually get government; they don't do
government; it's just something you have, like a spare
car in the garage that you sometimes take out for a spin,
or a garden that might need attention now and then.
'Think I'll do a spot of governing today, darling; call
the Uridashis and tell them we'll be over later.'


Paul said...

Very nicely put. Mr Key's principle role seems to be as a conduit for the concerns of the media: the papers demand that the boy racers' cars be crushed; Mr Key says 'yes' and passes on the message to his people.

It is at best a part-time job.

ak said...

Smiling out loud! your site is like an oasis in a grubby, cluttered desert, and this post is a gem amongst gold.
Thanks so much - you've made my day.