Thursday, July 2, 2009

We had known

‘And then, were the Germans alone to blame? Why were not
the railway lines to the camps bombed? Where were the
religious institutions of the world? They knew what was
going on. We had heard rumours, we had known.’

—Michael Lewis, one of the first British servicemen to enter
Bergen-Belsen camp on 15 April 1945; quoted in Forgotten
Voices of the Holocaust by Lyn Smith.


Giovanni said...

It may seem a little self-promotey, but it's not my fault you don't list an email on your blog... It sounds like in your current mood you might enjoy this gallery of works by John Heartfield. Gives an extra dimension to the "we had known" idea.

AKW said...

Denis, where do you personally see the railway lines leading now, so we can scuttle them and change the future?