Thursday, December 4, 2008

Seen the Peters-beaters, anyone?

So, where are the Peters-beaters now? Memory can play
tricks, of course, but I could have sworn from the intensive
media coverage for most of the past year that the issues
raised by the manner in which New Zealand First was
funded, and by the extent of Winston Peters's knowledge
of it, were of major significance for our democracy. Even
after Peters was cleared of just about every allegation made
against him, the Dominion Post was still insisting that
serious questions remain unanswered. Seems nobody cares
about that now. Since the election, and NZ First's demise,
not a squeak from the journalists who pursued Peters so
relentlessly for months on end and threw everything,
including the Kitchin sink, at him. Strange. It's scarcely
credible that this sudden silence has anything to do with
Peters being voted out of Parliament, and therefore no
longer being a threat to the electoral chances of the
National Party, so what are we to assume? Guess I just
haven't thought about it hard enough. Must put my
thinking cap on again.


ak said...

So true - and no sign either of the thousands of good parents rotting in jail for lovingly smacking their kids, nor a continuation of the deluge of condemnation and outrage one might have expected from the heinously corrupt attack on democracy that (apparently) so heavily skewed the election in Labour's favour.

Could our fearless and non-partisan warriors of the fourth estate have been wrong in their relentless emphasis? Hardly. Their smugness and total lack of embarrassment since the election tells us that they knew exactly what they were doing - and that they got it right.

Anonymous said...

Any more bad puns about media people and you'll be dog Tucker

Anonymous said...

So Anonymous, who's keeping a Tulley anyway?

Anonymous said...

Same can also be said of the Queen Bee blog closing - despite proclaiming itself to be non partisan (what a joke) it shut down as soon as National and Rodney Hide got into government. Without revealing the true identities of the people who ran it. Gee, what a surprise. It seems baubles of power are only something to be sneered at when your mates are in opposition, but totally fine to accept when things change.