Thursday, May 14, 2009

New verse (feat. Melissa Lee)

O steal me some wheels
So I'll know how it feels
To rob people and then get away.
But Mt Albert, I know,
Is one place I won't go:
You can drive past it any old day
And commit your crimes elsewhere, hooray!
—All thanks to the new motorway!


Anonymous said...

I think Melissa Lee has nailed it. A motorway running all around the country like a mobius strip will be the end of crime as no-one will stop to do a spot of burgling on the side. The money saved on prisons will cover the cost. I bet this approach is a (pun warning Denis) Road Not Traveled.

Anonymous said...

Presumably Ms Lee will also be an advocate of the full tunnel option for Mt Albert on the basis that even if their cars break down people of a criminal disposition won't be able to jump over the motorway fence and nick one from Mt Albertians - coz they'll be trapped underground.