Friday, May 15, 2009


When I read, as I just have, in an editorial in the
Economist, that ‘Asian governments must introduce
structural reforms that encourage people to spend
and reduce the need for them to save,’ then I truly
know, deep in my heart, that despite its many
delights, its multifarious positives, and the benefits
it has personally brought to me in my lucky country,
then—I say again—I truly know that, on the basis of
this and vast quantities of other evidence, appearing
daily before us, I truly know, if I haven't said it
already, that by any measure of human potential,
spiritual health, ecological balance and planetary
well-being the capitalist model is irrevocably,

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Truth Seeker said...

Yes. This is becoming obvious. If capitalism can't carry on unsustainably expanding then it breaks.....then it IS broken now and the crash (into the metaphorical wall) is only a matter of time.

"Stimulus" is synonymous with "fix" for the junky capitalist system that doesn't know moderation or discipline.

There certainly are elements of capitalism that are good and useful, but the unconscious, world-eating cumulative outcome needs urgent attention...and that will not happen while the junkies are in control of the financial drug cabinet.