Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Old story

Could we have a moratorium, please, on journalists and
commentators announcing that 'The honeymoon is over'
for the current government? Declarations of this sort are
generally made entirely for the convenience of the media
when they've decided, in some mysterious unspoken
collective way, that they've cut an administration enough
slack for the time being and now it's time to get tough.
Any excuse will do. If Melissa Lee and Christine Rankin
hadn't obliged, somebody or something else would have
been found. Yawn. Actually, there is no reason why a
government can't be in trouble from day one or,
alternately, have a three-year 'honeymoon.' But the
narrative needs of the media are deep, dark, compelling
and ultimately irresistible, regardless of reality. Coming
soon to a headline near you: National slips in polls! You
would never have picked it.

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