Friday, August 1, 2008


Having recently come across the term "pre-feeding," which
means putting out harmless bait for possums, to get them
accustomed to the food before larding the next drop with
1080 poison, I realize now that this is exactly what the
National Party is doing with its pre-election policy releases.
First they soften us up with Right-lite policies, larded with
a strong feel-good factor, designed not to frighten the
horses (or should that be the possums), all the time
assuring us that they have no plans for radical change. If
they win the election, however, expect more toxic policy, of
the kind that could fell a trade union in its tracks and leave
underpaid workers gasping for oxygen. Right now, we are
being pre-fed; voters, approach this bait with caution or
avoid it altogether.

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