Monday, August 4, 2008

Tory grunge

How wonderful to hear the new release going the rounds,
Bill English Unplugged. With its rough-as-guts sound
engineering I'd categorize it as Tory grunge, or maybe
alt-country, the country in question being New Zealand,
and the alt National's alternative agenda, the one we
we don't hear about in public. English's private remarks
about selling off KiwiBank "eventually" confirm the
pre-feeding theory I advanced in my last blog. On the
other hand, the surreptitiously recorded tape also shows
that English is basically comfortable with Working for
Families and striving to be fair about it. In most things, in
fact, English in my experience is a fair and decent person,
no slave to right-wing ideology; the National Party—which
he may yet lead again—would be far worse without him.

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